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Heart Healthy Families

Heart Healthy Families is a faith-based health education and outreach program that teams up with leaders in faith communities to run a series of weekly classes to educate families about the causes of heart disease, the benefits of a healthy diet and the importance of regular exercise. Participants set personal weight loss goals, take on healthy-living assignments, and track their progress at weekly check-ins.

Imani’s Closet

Families of children born prematurely can sometimes be emotionally drained with concern for their newborns, but also financially struggling to meet the unique needs of children with low birth weights. Imani’s Closet is a clearinghouse for donated preemie and newborn-sized clothing specifically for preemie children born to low-income families.

Charles H. Watlington, Sr. Scholarship Fund

The Charles H. Watlington, Sr. Scholarship Fund encourages, promotes and supports high school seniors who wish to pursue higher education in the field of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) or the health care profession. The scholarship is named for Ms. Watson’s father, who believed that education was the gateway to success in life.

From the age of five (5) years old, Charles was interested in learning.  Instead of wanting toys, he always wanted pencils and paper or books to read. Unlike most children of his age, he did not want to print, he always wanted to do cursive writing.  He started school when he was six (6) years old. The teachers said that he was too advanced for 1st grade, so he was promoted to the second grade. Charles graduated from high school at the age of seventeen as valedictorian of his class. On his 18th birthday, he enlisted in the US Air Force, where he continued his education and received his B.S. degree. After his 20 year military service career, he continued his education to pursue his master’s degree.

Scholarship awards will be made annually each summer and range in the amounts from $1,000- $2,500. Awardees are selected based on five categories — academic standing, integrity and character, community involvement, school activities and need.

NiaImani CHOICES Male Caregivers Umoja Circle (MCUC)

The NiaImani CHOICES Male Caregivers Umoja Circle (MCUC) is a support group targeted specifically for males that provide care to loved ones with complex and special health care needs. The MCUC strives to maintain unity in the family and community utilizing a holistic approach to link health and human community based resources, offer problem-solving approaches and coping skills to understand better advocate for the needs of their loved ones. Participants will have an opportunity to engage and mentor with others that are also experiencing difficulty in navigating the community for needed resources, share information and lessons learned.

When a caregiver is overwhelmed and not able to cope with the daily needs accompanied with caring for a loved; the stressors can cause several health risk factors.The ultimate goal of this program is to educate, empower and engage male caregivers subsequently minimizing the stress levels and associated health risk factors.

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